Hydro Excavation/NDD

Hydro Excavation is a non-destructive, non-evasive process using pressurised water and vacuum to excavate soil.  Unlike conventional excavation methods, hydro excavation avoids damaging underground services such as fibre optic, stormwater lines, electricity cables and sewer lines. Compared to traditional excavating, hydro excavation is a more cost effective method.

Pot Holing

Pot-holing is using hydro excavation (non destructive digging) to locate known and unknown underground utilities. This method of excavation prevents damage to any underground services.  Pot-holing is also used for post hole digging and the installation of fences and signs.


Trenching is one of the most common methods of hydro excavation. Trenching uses pressurised water with simultaneous vacuum to cut a trench of various dimensions in the ground.

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