CCTV Surveys & Inspections

Quick and effective leak and damage detection with CCTV

Quickly and effectively locating leaks, blockages or damage to your pipework with TigerVac’s CCTV (closed-circuit television) inspections.  Our certified and accredited (NWPNET016, NWPET017 and MEM09002B) operatives are thoroughly experienced in locating and detecting leaks, cracks, damages and blockages.  With a selection of the latest specialist high-resolution equipment, we can find the source of a leak or detect small cracks and damage in pipes ranging from 50mm to 2000mm in diameter. 

When pipes are blocked, damaged or leaking rapid rectification is essential and we are always on hand when you need us with our 24-hour emergency helpline.  You can count on us to be there and depending on your location we can often have an operative dispatched and on-site within 1-2 hours.

Whatever your situation we have the equipment and know how to locate the problem.  


Ipek sewer CCTV

TigerVac only utilises precision equipment and uses the latest CCTV crawler from the world-renowned sewer camera CCTV manufacturer IPEK.  Mounted on 6 wheels this steerable CCTV camera gives us the ability to navigate through all the twists, turns and undulations in the pipe system.

With high-resolution imaging, led lighting and 360-degree maneuverability and 40x zoom our highly trained operatives can give you a full picture and accurately report on the size and extent of the problem or blockage.

If you require an entire catchment surveyed, a systematic review or an inspection to find a blockage, TigerVac are always available with the equipment and expertise to assist you.

For all your CCTV requirements please call 0411 443 368