Hydro-Jetting/Drain Cleaning

Getting Pipes Flowing Again

Blocked sewerage and stormwater pipes have the potential to cause serious problems including floods, contamination, odours and pipeline cracks or damage.  The dependable and expert team at TigerVac are on hand 24/7 to clean up any spillages and get your pipes flowing smoothly again.

TigerVacs state of the art trucks are fully equipped with high-pressure hoses to blast away debris that has built up or is restricting the flow within drains, stormwater and sewer lines.  With a vast selection of hoses and an adjustable high-pressure water jet, we can break through any blockage while simultaneously vacuuming debris into the collector tank to remove the cause of the problem.

Ideal for drain cleaning, pits and pipes, our powerful jetting equipment can remove grease, silt and scale and will get things flowing smoothly again.

Always aware of our water usage and the environment, we can use recycled water to clean your drains. Our water recycling drain cleaning unit can vacuum liquid from a waste stream, filter it through our tanks to process it and reuse it to hydro jet your drains and tanks. This is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach which ensures a continuous supply to the jetting operation and eliminates the need to use potable water.

Our trucks also carry the specialised equipment for cutting and removing intrusive tree roots from a variety of drain and sewer systems should the need arise.

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