Confined Space Specialist

Specialised tank cleaning – Confined Space Specialists

The experts at TigerVac have all your tank cleaning needs covered and offer specialist tank cleaning services for more hazardous and high-risk tanks in confined spaces.   As Adelaide’s confined space specialists, our operatives are extensively trained and thoroughly experienced in cleaning tanks that operate under pressure, contain flammable materials or have very limited access.

Fully certified and equipped with the latest safety equipment our team follow strict protocols to ensure that they can safely and efficiently clean all tanks above and below ground including:

  • Diesel, mud, inert sludges, chemical
  • Transport & Storage Tanks (Liquid and Dry)
  • Pressure Vessels & Systems
  • Ship Fuel, Fresh Water, Black/Grey water and Ballast Tanks
  • Engine Rooms
  • Voids & Chain Lockers

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